Armed Security Is Not Enough: Four Reasons Why You Need A Comprehensive, Integrated Security Strategy

Posted on: 1 June 2017


For most businesses, security is a constant worry and a huge expense. In 2020, businesses worldwide are expected to spend over $100 billion on cyber security alone. When you add on-site security, such as guards and monitoring equipment, into the mix, you can expect that the number will be much higher. You may think that the more you spend, the more secure you are, but that's not necessarily the case. All the money in the world will not keep you safe if you don't have an effective, integrated system that can handle a crisis in real time. The following are four reasons why you need to integrate today. 

It Helps You Quickly Rule Out Non Threats

When you integrate your system, you can use all of your security components to zero in on a potential breach within a couple of seconds. For example, if a door gets blown open, you can program your cameras to zoom in and relay the visual information to your security station. Without leaving their desk, your guards will know if someone accidentally left a door open or if you are under siege. 

An Integrated System Allows You to Be Everywhere

A fully integrated system gathers data from every corner of your business and acts accordingly. If a threat is perceived in one corridor, it can lock down the location until help arrives. It practically allows your guards to be everywhere at once. As you can imagine, this will greatly enhance your security. 

It Facilitates Communication During a Crisis

If a crisis does occur, an integrated system will allow all members of your security team to communicate much more freely. It also reduces the instances of miscommunication, which hastens your response in critical situations. Not only will your personnel be able to hear what's going on, they may have access to a live stream of the incident so they never have to run up on a situation blind. 

It Can Monitor Things You've Never Even Thought Of

What's more, an integrated system can monitor things you've never thought of. Are you having issues with employees leaving access doors unlocked? An integrated system will tell you exactly who is doing it. In the unfortunate circumstance that you do have to fire someone, an integrated system allows you to revoke privileges and access instantaneously, making it impossible for them to get back into the building. 

Integrating your security solutions so they can communicate with one another is vital if you want more effective security. Talk to your security provider, like, to see how they can help you today.