Corrugated Cardboard Boxes: Three Reasons For Using Them

Posted on: 29 June 2017


When your business is ready to select new packaging that is within your budget and helps your products remain safe, there are a lot of choices available to you. Corrugated cardboard might seem like a basic choice, but there are many reasons that make this material a suitable choice for your boxes. Some reasons are listed below.

Hidden Wave Pattern

You may be familiar with traditional, regular cardboard boxes, but corrugated boxes are typically better at protecting all of the products packed in them. That's because of the hidden wave design. If you cut a piece of a corrugated box and look at a cross-section, you're going to see two layers of cardboard, separated by another thin cardboard layer that is arranged in a wave pattern. The wave pattern allows for air pockets; because of them, that extra layer can work to protect products as they're moved and jostled about trucks and warehouse floors.

Lower Shipping Costs

Putting your products in plastic, metal or wood crates is another option some companies use, but if your budget isn't huge, it's worth remembering that those items are typically more expensive, which makes your overall shipping costs higher than you expected to spend on the task of getting your products to customers and stores.

By contrast, boxes made from corrugated cardboard with air pockets are not that heavy. Not only does this mean the boxes themselves are likely cheaper to ship out to your warehouse if you don't pick them up, but when you ship products, you might find that your total costs are lower because you're not using bulkier packaging materials. With the protective properties of the cardboard, you don't even have to worry that saving money means you're not being careful with your products.

Easy Customization

Upgrading your boxes with colors and different designs can be a smart way to draw attention to your company as it moves throughout the postal process. Whether you want to apply a branded sticker or stamp your logo on each box, cardboard provides an excellent blank canvas for you to work with. You can upgrade your boxes as you wish without concern; however you decorate regular cardboard, you can do the same with corrugated cardboard in an affordable way.

Corrugated cardboard is a great choice for your company's products.Talk to custom-packaging and shipping companies to discuss how this material could work out great for your business. Visit a site like for more ideas.