Three Key Ingredients To An Effective Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Posted on: 22 August 2017


Storage units are definitely a helpful way to store all of your belongings safely when you are not currently in need of them. However, some storage units go above and beyond to keep your stored items safe, such as climate controlled storage units. Many storage facilities offer climate controlled units and while they cost more, they are effective at keeping sensitive items, such as antique furniture, CDs, vinyls, and photographs safe from warping and other extreme temperature damages. Here are the three key ingredients that make climate controlled storage units work:

HVAC: First off, these storage units have an HVAC system with a programmed thermostat. This way, the temperature inside of the unit is always the same, which keeps your items in good condition. It's a good idea to always check the settings on the thermostat to ensure that it is working. If there are problems, it can be fixed by the storage facility right away. However, with the other two ingredients to an effective climate controlled storage unit in place, a damaged thermostat won't effect the temperature in the unit too much so long as you have it fixed right away. 

Insulation: Not only is the unit itself insulated, but the door to the storage unit is also insulated to trap in the temperature. This means that even if your thermostat needs repairs, the temperature in the unit is still going to stay as cool as possible until the thermostat is fixed. With the added insulation, the air conditioning or heating won't have to run as much either, which is another way of protecting your items from exposure to cool or warm air constantly flowing through the unit. 

Limited Entrances: Any plumbing work or heating work in the storage facility itself is going to be worked around the climate controlled storage units so that there are very few entrance points in these units. This way, it eliminates the amount of dust and extra air getting into the unit. This also prevents the air coming from the HVAC system in the unit from escaping causing the system to have to work harder. The extra benefit of this is that it eliminates the amount of dust coming into the unit so that your items stay clean and are ready to use once you take them out. 

When you know these three key ingredients to effective climate controlled storage units, you can see why choosing one of these can be extremely beneficial and well worth the additional cost of renting one. For more information, contact companies like SaveMor Self Storage LTD.