Creating Eco-Friendly Party Spaces In Your Hotel

Posted on: 26 October 2017


When it comes to offering party packages, your hotel wants to minimize overhead costs. Looking for Eco-friendly additions to your ballrooms, convention rooms, and other party spaces can also help you to save money as well. Here are a few options to consider if you want to make your hotel's party spaces a little greener and save some money on operating expenses too. 

Linenless Tables

Linenless tables offer a great way to save money while doing something extra for the environment. These tables feature swirled designs for an elegant look, and because they don't require tablecloths, you can eliminate the need for purchasing and laundering extra linens. Laundering fewer linens reduces your hotel's impact on the environment as well. Look for pub-height, traditional round, and conference table designs so you can offer guests flexible setup options for their special events.

Live Plants And Trees

Give guests the option of not having to order floral arrangements by keeping plenty of potted plants and trees throughout your hotel. These plants can be moved to party rooms for a decorative accent, and they can be kept in the lobby and hallways when not in use in party rooms. By not having to order cut flowers, your guests can help to make their parties a bit more Eco-friendly. You may also want to keep a supply of silk flowers on hand for special occasions so you can decorate event spaces with reusable items.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Take a look at the lighting concepts in each room and look for ways you can make your lighting more energy efficient. You may want to set up multiple switches so guests can choose the level of lighting they want. By keeping some lights off, particularly during weddings or more intimate events, you can save energy. Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs is also a great option. By lowering the amount of energy your hotel consumes, you can reduce spending and have a better impact on the world around you.

Food Recycling Programs

Food waste can take up a considerable amount of space in landfills, and it doesn't need to. Consider implementing a food recycling program in your hotel, and put it to work for the special events you host. Make a pledge to compost food scraps from the kitchen as you prep for parties, and work with local food banks to donate leftover food from events hosted at your hotel. By donating food, you can help people in the community while also doing something good for the environment. Challenge your chefs to look for ways to make the kitchen more energy efficient as well.

With the right changes in place, your hotel can have a lasting impact on the environment while still offering all of the same great party services you already do. Use these ideas, and get your event space a little more green.