How Professional Pressure Washing Services Differ From DIY

Posted on: 19 November 2017


When you have dirt, raw egg, and/or graffiti staring you in the face, what are you going to do? Most people would call the police first, to report the vandalism, and then they would try to pressure-wash the stuff off themselves. However, you might want to skip the DIY approach. Professional pressure washing services would be a better idea. Here is how these services differ from doing the job yourself.

The Professionals Have Different Services to Match Each Material the Vandals Used

Dried on or frozen raw egg needs a different type of pressure washing than graffiti spray paint. Both of these materials are not likely to wash off with pressurized water, which is what you would use to get the clumps of dirt and mud off your home and car. The professionals, such as at X-Stream Power Washing Plus LLC, know exactly what to use. They use sandblasting pressure cleaning for the spray paint, and another type of chemical to pressure-wash raw egg from surfaces without damaging those surfaces.

The Professionals Know What Pressure Setting to Use

Too many homeowners tend to crank up the pressure to blast everything. That is a big mistake, as you can do more damage than good to the things you are trying to clean. The professionals, on the other hand, know exactly which settings to use to clean each material with each cleaning solid or cleaning fluid. They are able to safely blast away the egg, dirt, and spray paint without doing any damage to the surfaces underneath.

The Services Billed Are Your Evidence 

In the event that the police identify who splattered your house and car with eggs and dirt and "tagged" your house and/or car with spray paint, you need proof to prosecute. Until the police find out who did it, you may receive support from the district to clean all of this mess off your property. You will need a bill from professional services or you may not be entitled to victim assistance or compensation once the vandals are caught.

You cannot simply present a statement to the police and/or the courts that you washed the mess off yourself. The courts cannot place a value on your DIY job to present you with compensation. They can look at a bill for services rendered and reimburse you. You would also need the bill if you chose to pursue a lawsuit against the convicted vandals to obtain further compensation legally.