Why Offices Should Use Desk Nameplates On Cubicles

Posted on: 3 October 2018


Desk nameplates are typically expected on desks of high-level executives with their own plush offices. Most people imagine that the bosses of a company will have their name prominently displayed on their desk in gold lettering. That doesn't mean that employees in hundreds of other job positions don't need and deserve their own desk nameplate, too. Consider these reasons why everyone who works at a cubicle in your company may benefit from having a nameplate.

Show Employees Your Respect

There's no reason why nameplates should be reserved for those who work in a traditional, private office. Giving a desk nameplate to each employee in a cubicle is a way to show that you respect the seriousness of their professional position and want them to get the recognition they deserve. You may even start a tradition where employees receive a name desk plate after 30 days with the company or another set amount of time employed.

Avoid Awkward Repetition

If someone new starts working in the office, that employee may struggle to remember everyone's names right away. That's just natural when meeting a lot of people at once. Having desk nameplates will give new employees an easy way to identify the names of co-workers without having to ask them to repeat their name. For example, if a new employee needs to deliver a file to another employee, they can glance at the nameplate before handing over the file to be sure they have the right person. Not having to ask for name confirmation can be a relief.

Allow Extra Creative Freedom

You may permit employees to choose a symbol to place beside their name on their desk nameplate. Also, encourage employees to have some creative freedom in picking out the job title to place on the desk nameplate. For example, if you have a telemarketing company where dozens of employees essentially have the same job, allow each employee to embellish their "telemarketer" job title with a couple of adjectives that express the kind of telemarketer they want to be. Just be sure to let everyone know that sarcasm or inappropriate words are not welcome.

Finally, desk nameplates have many helpful uses in an office environment where cubicles are common. Since they are inexpensive and attractive, you can't really go wrong with that addition to the workplace. Every decision you make can positively or negatively impact your work culture. When you start using desk name plates, you may find that employee morale even improves.