Don't Let Your Keynote Fall Flat! Hiring A Speaker That Inspires

Posted on: 28 March 2019


Some keynote speakers have what it takes to deliver a speech that truly inspires. Other keynote speakers fall flat. How do you know who to hire? If you are in charge of finding keynote speaking talent that is really going to be a treat, here is how to go about it and what to look for. 

Watch Videos of Speakers

In this digital age, everyone tapes everybody and everything. While that might not always be a good thing, it definitely works to your advantage when you are trying to hire a keynote speaker. With a list of possible speakers in hand, you can look each one up on social media and video sharing sites to watch them in action at their prior engagements. For those that sound good and seem like they might be worth hiring, circle or star those names on your list. Cross out the ones that did not seem all that impressive, and then move on to the next step. 

Check Availability

Keynote speaking talent is always booked several months out. With that in mind, along with your list of possible speakers in hand, start making calls to see which of your potential speakers is available for your event. It may just be one or two of the people on your list, in which case, the choice is pretty much decided for you by fate. Do not wait too long to make a decision regarding the remaining and available candidates, or you might just end up with no one at all. 

Ask for a Pre-Appearance Video

Ask your chosen candidate(s) for a pre-appearance speaking video. Speakers are willing to do this if you are having a difficult time choosing between speakers. Be sure to supply a topic that will be important to the upcoming event, and ask the speakers to create an inspiring keynote speech around that topic. This should help you choose the best person for the job. 

Check Pricing

Keynote speakers typically do not come to an event for free. This is especially true if they live on the other side of the country and they will need to fly out to your event. The general rule is that the organization seeking the speaker pays for flight and transportation, as well as any accommodations for the visiting speaker. On top of that, most speakers expect some gratuity for their service, and when they deliver an excellent speech, they are quite deserving of what they request. If your budget for securing a speaker is tight, you might want to select the one that is closest to where the event will be held. Choosing the closest speaker means less cost to secure his/her service for your event.