Do You Do Your Best Thinking In The Shower? 3 Benefits Of An LED Shower Panel For Sparking Your Creativity

Posted on: 30 June 2019


There is something relaxing about taking a shower. Not only does the warm water seem to wash away all of your worries, but you also find that the privacy of the bathroom allows you to let your mind wander without distractions. Many people do some of their best thinking in the shower, and you might have even come to realize that the bathroom is your favorite space in the house. Now, you can make it even better by using a LED shower panel to create an atmosphere in the bathroom to fosters creativity.

Relax in a Soothing Atmosphere

Creativity tends to peak when you are surrounded by beauty. A shower panel with LED lights allows you to set the stage for free thinking. Ideally, the shower head that you choose should be made with a simple design that is tarnish resistant so that you can enter your relaxation space without worrying about too many complicated features. A streamline panel gives you that spa-like feeling that makes you want to linger under the rainfall of water and wait for the next big idea to come your way.

Promote a Feeling of Deep Meditation

Modern bathrooms are often made to be too bright. While makeup mirrors surrounded by globe lights may help you get dressed in the morning, it can be jolting to try to think in all of the brightness. An Aura LED shower panel has gentle blue lighting that you can use to add just enough light to the shower to see without sending your brain into overdrive. Instead, you can enjoy the softer light and let it slowly lull you into a meditative state that is ideal for generating creative ideas. This is also the best option to use if you prefer to continue your shower thoughts as you drift off to sleep since the soft blue lights will not interfere with your body's circadian rhythms.

Ease Distracting Physical Symptoms

Who can think with achy shoulders or a sore back? Whether you wake up stiff in the morning or feel exhausted after a long day, it helps you to think better when your body's physical ailments are not serving as a distraction. Look for an LED panel that also has hydro massage body jet sprays in varying levels of intensity. You can then use these to slowly massage out any kinks that are blocking the energy flow through your body. You can also use the massaging spray to help stimulate blood flow through your body, which has a stimulating effect upon your brain. 

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