Propane Delivery Set-Up, Prepayment, And Scheduled Deliveries

Posted on: 8 October 2019


Propane is fast becoming the way people cool and heat their homes. This compressed, frigid, liquid gas can do everything natural gas and oil can do but do it better. The only real problem is finding a propane delivery company. Once you find the right company, then your propane deliveries go something like this. 

Initial Propane Delivery

The first delivery is also the one where the propane company looks at the propane tank system you have and assesses it for the amount of propane you will need and how often you might need it delivered. Then, the propane delivery person carefully removes your old tanks (if you have the small, portable tank system) and replaces them with fresh tanks.

If you have a much larger propane containment system, or you are operating a commercial propane tank, then that tank will be filled from a special tanker truck and hose delivery system. 

Delivery Set-up and Prepayment Options for Your Convenience

Next, the delivery person will let you know how much propane he/she expects you and your family to use in the coming month. Usually, they can predict this amount rather accurately. This helps determine how to set up your future deliveries of propane.

Discussion about prepayment for deliveries is covered, too, which gives you the option of storing a credit or debit card number on file with the propane company so that you do not have to be home or on the property to pay for your propane every time it is delivered or filled. Automatic checking withdrawals may also be an option. 

Scheduled Deliveries

Finally, the propane delivery and sales representative will request a couple of different dates for upcoming propane deliveries based on your representative's predictions about how much propane will be consumed in a month. You can choose whatever date you want each month, but it is generally a good idea to stick close to the same date every month to avoid running out of propane when you most need it.

By scheduling your monthly deliveries a few months in advance, you can be assured that you will receive your propane in a timely fashion. In the event of a propane shortage, you will also still be one of the customers who will receive their monthly shipment. Many propane companies only guarantee propane for existing customers who have regularly scheduled propane deliveries and who are able to prepay. 

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