Using Promotional Calendars With Your Marketing Efforts

Posted on: 24 April 2020


There are many promotional items that your business may use as part of its marketing efforts. In particular, promotional calendars can be a popular option as these are practical devices that individuals may keep and use for many months. As a result, it can be useful to invest considerable thought and planning into the design and printing of these items.

Opt for Calendars of Various Sizes

One mistake that individuals may be prone to making when ordering promotional calendars will be to order them of all the same size. In reality, individuals can have their own preferences when it comes to the size of calendar that they use. For example, some individuals may enjoy a large desk calendar that they can use for writing notes, while others may prefer one that is a single page or wall calendar. By allowing individuals to have a choice when picking one of these calendars, you can increase the number of people who take one as well as the likelihood that they will actively use the calendar.

Include Contact Information on These Calendars

While you will want to choose a pleasing calendar design that individuals will want to use, you must also include actionable information, such as your contact number and address. When choosing the information to include on the calendars, you will want to limit it to avoid including temporary promotions. However, if your business has specials or promotions that it is always running, you may want to include this to remind customers why they should choose your business.

Ensure the Calendars Are of a High Quality

It can be tempting to keep the costs low when ordering promotional materials. However, individuals will often judge the services of the business by the promotional materials that they receive. Due to this fact, it can worth the additional expense to ensure that any promotional materials are of the highest quality. For calendars, this can be utilizing high-quality paper and binding. For calendars that are not intended to be written on, you may want to have them laminated or protected with a wax coating to further increase the durability of it.

Store the Promotional Calendars In Climate-Controlled Areas

Due to the cost savings that can be enjoyed by ordering promotional items in bulk, businesses will often need to arrange for these items to be stored. When you are choosing an area to store your custom-printed imprinted promotional calendars, you will need to arrange for them to be kept in a climate-controlled location. Otherwise, condensation and heat could severely degrade them, which could make them unsuitable to give to potential customers.