Building Furniture For The First Time? 3 Things To Look For At The Lumber Store

Posted on: 13 July 2020


Building your own set of furniture can be interesting and exciting, especially since you can customize the look of the pieces quickly and easily. However, when you visit the lumber store, it is important to look for the right items. Here are three things you should look for at the lumber store, and why. 

1. Straight, True Boards

Since wood is a porous, natural material, it can be impacted by changes in temperature and humidity. When wood boards are moved into new climates, they can warp, turning what was once a straight, non-twisted board into a piece of wood that would be impossible to work with. 

As you move through and look at different lumber varieties, try to select boards that are straight, flat, and not twisted at all. You can determine which boards are suitable by laying them on a flat floor against the edge of a wall. If the board sits parallel and doesn't have portions that raise off of the ground, it may work for your woodworking project. 

2. Hardwood Planks

Lumber suppliers offer all different kinds of wood, but one of the biggest choices you will be faced with is the choice between softwood and hardwood planks. While softwoods typically grow quickly and tend to be more porous, they are less expensive and may be easier to saw and work. On the other hand, hardwood planks are more dense and hard but are less prone to problems and more suitable for furniture building. When you shop for wood, try to purchase hardwood, especially if you need that furniture piece to last as long as possible. 

3. A Moving Stockpile

When a stockpile of a certain variety of wood sits in the same place for long periods of time without customers, there may be something others have already realized that you haven't learned about yet. For instance, that wood may be hard to work, or it may not stain well. When you look for lumber as a first-time furniture builder, search for a stockpile that tends to move and become restocked frequently. 

Anytime you are seriously considering doing a little woodworking, think seriously about working with a lumber supplier. Professional lumber suppliers can help you to find the perfect planks for your home, while also helping you to find the right accessories, such as screws, wood glue, and other items. By selecting the right products now, you can prevent issues in the long run.