Need A New Career? 3 Reasons To Consider Becoming A Home Inspector

Posted on: 13 July 2020


If you are sick of your current construction job and you are thinking about using your earned skills in a new way, becoming a home inspector might be right up your alley. Here are three simple reasons to consider becoming a home inspector, and why you might love your new career. 

1. Help Soon-To-Be Homeowners

During home inspections, you will be providing soon-to-be homeowners with great information about the potential purchase. From learning about the structural integrity of the home to understanding how the plumbing is set up, home inspectors evaluate some of the most important elements of homes, giving others information that could guide the sale. 

Home inspectors are responsible for checking out the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and general condition of the home's exterior, while also checking for issues such as pest infestations, carpet problems, and water damage. If any of these issues are uncovered during the inspection, they will be carefully documented for the potential homeowners in a report that can be used to negotiate repairs and price. 

2. Ever-Changing Workspaces

If you aren't the type of person who loves doing the same thing day in and day out and returning to your desk, performing home inspections might be for you. During home inspections, you have the chance to visit and explore different homes every single day, which can be a fun, interesting way to spend the day. Additionally, you get to act as an inspector, uncovering mysteries that could really help to protect the new family who will be living in the space. If you love variety, you can't beat becoming a home inspector. 

3. Use Your Construction Skills

When you spend years honing your construction craft, it can be incredibly rewarding to use those skills in a real-time environment. Construction is fun and interesting, but it can be exhausting. By being a home inspector, you can hone those skills, without putting forth a tremendous amount of physical effort. For this reason, becoming a home inspector is an excellent choice for anyone who is tired of doing construction, but who isn't quite ready to retire, either. 

If you are struggling with your career and you want a change, check out courses that train people to become home inspectors. With the right formal training and a commitment to growing your own business, you can enjoy a profitable, fulfilling career. Remember, being a home inspector has its own list of challenges, so think carefully about what kind of daily work environment you want before you sign up for the challenge. Learn more about beginning you career in home inspection today.