6 Features Of An Auto-Darkening Helmet

Posted on: 25 August 2020


When it comes to welding helmets, there are two generally categories they fall under—either an auto darkening or a passive helmet. A passive hood has a dark tint that is always in place. An auto darkening hood has a shade that changed colors based on your needs. Auto darkening helmets have a few different general features you should be aware of.

Feature #1: Welding Light State

The welding light state refers to the tint of the shade or filter when you are not welding. In general, you are going to want gear with a lighter shade. With a lighter shade, you will be able to better see your work area and what you are doing when not using your arch.

Feature #2: Welding Shade

The welding shade Is the measurement of how dark the shade can get when you are actively welding. The higher the number, the darker the shade gets. The higher the arc current you are working with, the stronger the protective shade you should have. If you are using a really high arc current, you want to get a shade that offers you the top level of protection.

Feature #3: Sensitivity

The sensitivity refers to how much light needs to be produced in order for the filter to darken on the protective head gear. On many head gear pieces, you can select just how sensitive the helmet is to light. This essentially allows you to control how quickly the helmet darkens up when exposed to the bright light of your arch. How sensitive you need the helmet to be usually depend on the type of work you are doing, and how long you are working. You want to find a sensitivity that you are comfortable with and that effectively protects your eyes.

Feature #5: Sensors

Your auto-darkening gear works through a number of sensors that are placed on the helmet. The sensors are what detects the light and adjusts the darkness of the filter to the appropriate level.

Generally, you want to have multiple sensors, in case one of the sensors is obstructed or damaged. The more sensors the helmet has, the better it will function.

Feature #6: Viewing Area

Finally, you need to consider what type of viewing area you need. The viewing area is the amount of visibility you have when you look through the filter on your head gear. With a wider viewing area, you will get to enjoy greater overall visibility. Some people like a smaller viewing area though, because it allows them to focus on their work.

When shopping for an auto-darkening welding helmet, it can be helpful to understand the above terms. Look for a helmet that has lots of sensors and a welding light shade and welding shade max measurement that meet your work needs.

For more information about welding helmets, talk to a welding helmet wholesaler in your area.