Protecting Your Asphalt From Damage When Renting A Roll Off Dumpster

Posted on: 24 February 2021


When renting a roll off dumpster, nearly all rental contracts will include a clause that releases the rental company from liability for any damage that is done to your property. Thankfully you can prevent any damage to your asphalt driveway or parking lot by taking just a few simple steps before your roll off container is delivered. These steps should be taken regardless of how long you expect the dumpster to remain in place.

Step 1: Select a Level Area For The Container

Weight distribution is extremely important when it comes to protecting your property from damage when renting a roll off container or dumpster. Selecting a location where the ground is level will help to ensure equal weight distribution and ultimately decrease the chances that the dumpster will leave behind an impression in your asphalt.

If your property does not offer a level location, you can use concrete blocks or plywood to even out the ground where you wish to place the container.

Step 2: Place a Heavy Duty Tarp Over The Area

When loading debris and other waste into your dumpster, it is possible that some items will fall alongside the container. Depending upon what type of materials you plan on disposing of, there may also be the issue of potential leakage around the bottom of the dumpster. For instance, commercial dumpsters that are used to dispose of large amounts of food waste may experience leaks around the bottom as this waste begins to naturally break down. This is especially true if the waste is not first contained in heavy-duty trash bags.

Taking just a moment to put down a tarp where the container will be placed allows you to catch all of this debris before it can damage your asphalt.

Step 3: Place Plywood Over The Tarp

Finally, you will want to put down some plywood over the tarp. Having this wood in place will help to further assist in proper weight distribution and prevent your tarp from becoming torn when the container is delivered. 

If you do not have a single piece of plywood that is large enough to cover the area where the roll off container will be placed, you will need to place smaller pieces of plywood in each of the four corners of the area. Be sure to accurately measure the space to ensure the corners of the containers will rest securely on the plywood. If the plywood is not evenly spaced, you could throw off the weight distribution and ultimately make the damage to your asphalt even worse.

Contact a company that provides commercial roll off containers for more information.