How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Can Help Your Police Department Solve A Crime

Posted on: 30 April 2021


As a police officer or detective, you likely pride yourself on bringing justice and bringing peace of mind to victims or to your community at large. If there was an especially bad crime that caused blood to spill, people in your community will expect or demand answers. While a police detective has a variety of tools at their side to try and solve a serious crime, some smaller or local police departments might not have access to more complicated tools like a forensic analysis department. Here's how hiring a firm that offers bloodstain pattern analysis services can help you bring a criminal to justice.

Determine What Kind of Weapon Was Used

While guns and knives are the weapons of choice for many bad guys, just about any object can be turned into a weapon in the right hands or circumstances. With bloodstain pattern analysis, you can narrow down what type of weapon was used in the attack. For example, blood that splatters in a certain way may indicate that a blunt force object was used. But a different kind of bloodstain pattern may indicate a more sharp object was inserted into victim instead. If you don't yet have a murder weapon, bloodstain pattern analysis can help you figure out what you should be looking for.

Determine the Force the Attacker Used or the Direction They Came From

You are likely to hear multiple different stories about what happened during a violent incident when interviewing those who are on different sides of the situation. If there is any question as to which direction the attacker moved from, the location or pattern of a bloodstain may be able to help you narrow things down. If you want to prove that the attacker acted with a lot of force in order to show that this is a hate crime or a "crime of passion" that may result in specific or additional charges, bloodstain analysis may help you figure out just how hard the attacker hit their victim.

Figure Out Who Is Telling You the Truth

If you have multiple witnesses to a crime but the stories are not matching up, bloodstain analysis can allow you to start piecing together the most accurate account of what happened. You can use forensic evidence to rule out false statements and identify which witnesses you can likely trust.

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