5 Things To Look For When Buying Reusable Face Shields

Posted on: 10 June 2021


Reusable face shields give a different type of protection to face masks. If you want to buy some shields, it's important to choose the right product for your needs. What makes a good face shield?

1. Full Face Protection

Not all face shields are the same size. Some extend down the face more than others. These shields are most useful at preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria from the front. So, you should look for shields that cover as much of your face as possible. An effective shield covers your eyes, nose, and mouth down to or below your chin.

2. Adjustable Fitting

Face shields typically come with adjustable straps or headbands. If you'll give out shields to different people, then you need to make sure that these attachments are really fully adjustable. For example, a strap or headband should be flexible enough to fit both large and small heads. While adult face shields should fit most people, you might need to buy child products if you have kids and can't find an adult product that adjusts down enough.

3. A Comfortable Headband

The headbands or straps on a shield keep it in place. So, you should make sure that you buy a product that is comfortable to wear for long periods. Look for padded headbands or straps. If you don't want to use this kind of design, then you can also buy face shields that fit on your ears or that sit on a baseball cap.

4. Room Under the Shield

While you want a face shield to fit your face snugly enough to give you enough protection, you might need some extra room under the shield. For example, if you wear glasses, then you need enough room for the shield to sit over them without knocking against them. Or, if you'll also wear a mask under the face shield, then you want the shield to sit away from your face enough to give the mask room. Again, you don't want the shield to get in the way of the mask or vice versa.

If you know that you'll wear a mask under the face shield, say on a flight or as part of your job, then you can also buy two-in-one products. These face shields have a mask attached to their base which you can pull over your mouth when you need to wear it.

5. Anti-Fogging Plastic

Face shields aren't much use if they fog up and block your vision as you breathe or talk. So, look for products with anti-fogging plastics. These face shields should stay clear.

For more information, contact reusable face shield suppliers and ask about their products.