Deck Waterproofing Services Keep Your Pool Deck Attractive And Protects It From Water Damage

Posted on: 19 August 2021


If you have a backyard pool, you know how important it is to keep your pool clean and in good shape. This extends to your pool deck too. You may even want your pool deck to be waterproofed to prolong its life and protect against damage. Here's why waterproofing a concrete pool deck is a good idea and how a deck waterproofing service can handle the job.

Reasons To Waterproof Your Pool Deck

If you use your pool very often, water has plenty of chances to cause damage to your concrete pool deck. The deck gets wet from splashing, dripping, and running with wet feet. Plus, your deck gets wet from rain and snow. Water can get in cracks that form as your concrete deck ages.

This water can cause cracks to get bigger, especially when the water freezes in the winter. Waterproofing the concrete helps the deck have a longer life and stay in good repair so that your deck stays attractive for longer.

Procedure For Deck Waterproofing

The deck of your pool has to be clean before the waterproof coating is applied. However, the deck has to be power washed too and allowed to dry first. For that reason, the deck waterproofing service will choose a day with no expected rain to do the work. They'll probably start early by power washing the concrete to lift off stains and dirt.

It's important to clear the deck so the concrete can be cleaned all the way to the edges. Cleaning solutions may also be necessary to get rid of stains and algae before the coating is put on.

Once the deck is clean, it's allowed to dry, and then the waterproof coating is applied by spraying or painting it on. The deck waterproofing service may apply a second waterproof coating once the first one has dried. The service might also add texture to the second coating so the pool deck isn't slippery when the concrete gets wet. All this work might be completed in a single day or spread out over a couple of days.

There are different types of waterproof coatings, and your waterproofing service will help you choose the right one for your deck. Some coatings wear off quicker than others, but all coatings have to be replaced at some point. They slowly wear away due to foot traffic and exposure to the sun and weather.

For ongoing protection against water damage to your concrete deck, you'll want the deck waterproofing service to return and apply a waterproof coating again in a few years as recommended by the manufacture of the coating the service uses.