Signs It's Time To Get Your Water Heater Repaired

Posted on: 18 January 2023


A problem with your water heater is something that can be very inconvenient, especially during the winter. A malfunctioning system can make life extremely uncomfortable during this time. This is one plumbing emergency that you cannot afford to ignore. Water heaters often give signals to show that you need repair. Call a plumber if you notice any of these signs. 

Lack of Hot Water

A lack of hot water is a major sign that you need to call in for repairs very quickly. Even if you don't experience a complete lack of hot water, you may notice that the water will start becoming cold a lot more quickly than it should.

There may be something wrong with your thermostat if you notice this happening. It could also mean that the heating element in the water tank is malfunctioning. Call a plumber to take a look at the problem.

A Noisy Water Heater

Rumbling sounds or knocking and banging sounds should never be ignored. When there's noise coming from your water heater, it may be because parts inside it have become dislodged. It could also be that sediments have become lodged in the bottom of the water heater tank. A buildup of sediments will make it very hard for your water heater to do its job effectively.

You should try to regularly call in the plumber to get your water heater tank flushed. If you haven't done this and you notice the signs that have been discussed, then call in to get repairs.

Rusty Water

If you notice rust coming out of your faucet, this is often an indication that your water heater is probably corroding inside. However, there are times when there may just be something wrong with your pipes. In this case, you will probably just need to repair your pipes, but if the rust is coming from the water heater itself, then you'll need water heater repairs. There is often very little that can be done to stop this. A corroding water heater will eventually start leaking. Your plumber will probably recommend that you replace your water heater.

Get the Help You Need

A water heater that is not functioning properly needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Problems with your water heater will only get worse if they are left unchecked. Sooner or later the unit will stop working altogether. Once you notice a problem, call in a plumber immediately to see what can be done to solve it.

Contact a local water heater repair service to learn more.