• Optimizing Your Heating In A Converted Space With Careful Insulation Choices

    Creating an in-law space or an apartment for your adult child is a great way to make use of that extra room in your home. Unfortunately, if you're working in a space that's already constructed, you'll need to think about ways to improve the heating efficiency and insulation without completely disrupting the construction. That way, you don't create more work than is absolutely necessary. Here are a few different insulation options you can talk with your HVAC tech about that won't require demolition of the walls.
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  • Finding And Using A Self Storage Facility For Storing A Home-Based Business' Inventory

    Starting a home-based business selling inventory is an inexpensive way to break into the retail marketplace, but it presents several challenges. One of the challenges is finding a place to store your business' inventory. Self storage units offer flexible, affordable storage solutions. If you're opening a home business and need a place to keep products, here are some tips on finding and setting up a self storage unit for your business.
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